Fun Fish Facts II

Fun Fish Facts II

For this week’s “fun fish facts” I am doing it on the Roosterfish. There is not much information about this fish but the Roosterfish is stunning to see and sought after by anglers.

The roosterfish is part of the Jack family and in Spanish it is called “pez gallo,” which literally translates to rooster-fish (who would have thought). The scientific name is Nematistius pectoralis. I am sure some of you are wondering how it they got their name and I shall finally tell you. The reason is that they have seven long spines that protrude from the dorsal fin(s).
They can be blue, white, green etc. with black stripes.

The most interesting thing about the Roosterfish is that the swim bladder penetrates the brain. This helps the fish amplify sound.

Range and Habitat:
The Roosterfish is found in the East Pacific, from Baja California to Peru. They are found in warm waters up to 80 degrees and depths up to 100 feet. They mostly stay near the shore where the baitfish swims. They feed in schools and eat small fish, such as sardines and mullet.

The usual method to catching them is by trolling baitfish or fishing straight from the beach. If you are fishing from the beach live bait (a live baitfish) works but so do lures; the shinier and heavier the better. The main reason anglers go after the roosterfish is because they are fast and strong fighters and are aesthetically pleasing. The average catch is around 20 lbs. There is not such a high food value and is therefore usually released. The world record is 114 lbs.

Stay tuned for the next fish!

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